Candles2go  customers love the Glowing light of the Ribbon wick Candles. They are truly a unique design, the wick imagery consists of a fascinating flame dancing over a pool of beautifully scented wax. The glowing light offered by this candle is simply unmatched. 

They are lovely to look at and enjoyable to light, these candles have special wicks that enables them to produce a special type of flame. The flame is equivalent to a very small controlled dancing flame in a dish. You can choose from various fragrances to find the perfect scent for your living space.

So what are the Benefits of Ribbon wick Candles? The beautiful Ribbon wick scented candles you can set up in any location within your home to enhance your décor and the overall interior ambience and atmosphere. The relaxing and pleasant aroma adds further enjoyment to the visual appeal of the burning fire. You will enjoy the fragrance and ambience created by our Ribbon wick candles as they can change the atmosphere and further enhance your interior décor all at the same time.

Candle Specifications:

Wax: Premium paraffin and soy waxes are blended with highly concentrated fragrances to produce a beautiful burn with no messy residue. 

Scent: Carefully selected and tested to ensure candle fills the room with its long-lasting scent.Glass: Ellipse shape creates a wider opening for a fully melted wax pool that produces a more consistent fragrance experience. 

Wick: The wick of our Hearthwick® flame candles creates a long, beautiful dancing flame for fireplace-like ambience. 

Candle Summary:

WoodWick Hearthwick candle uses a premium wick made from organic wood which burns with the sound of a crackling fire, creating an atmosphere of total relaxation. It features a ‘honeycomb’ lattice wooden wick, which fills your room with fragrance five times faster than the average cotton wick. 

Made from a high-quality blend of soy wax, this candle produces a slow, soot free burn of approximately 50-80 hours and won’t leave a messy residue on the sides of the jar.

Candles2go  think the RibbionWick Candles are really unique offering an elegant curved glass vessel which showcases the beautiful dancing flame. A premium candle , retailing at $59.95 which is exceptional value for 50-80 burn time.