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    Glasshouse - Electric Love Triple Scented Candle 380g

    ELECTRIC LOVE And just like that it hits you. Bursting bubbles of ruby pomelo, sparkling prosecco and orange zest. Evoking summer love and electrifying first encounters. An intoxicating fragrance to ignite the senses....
  • Christmas Kyoto Essentials Gift Set by Glasshouse Candles

    Christmas Kyoto Essentials Gift Set by Glasshouse Candles... This quintessential kit prescribes Kyoto in Bloom as your travel companion, with the scent of Camellia and Lotus to calm and inspire.Contains...
  • Christmas Travel Essentials - Florence Gift Set by Glasshouse

    Christmas Travel Essentials - Florence Gift Set by Glasshouse... Limited Edition Gift Set. Part of the Christmas Dreamscapes collection. Nourish your body and soul with our Forever Florence essentials. Our...
  • Christmas Bon Bon Body Duo Florence 2 X 50ml Gift Set

    Christmas Bon Bon Body Duo Florence 2 X 50ml Gift Set... A decadent Christmas cracker with two gifts inside! Bursting with the notes of Wild Peonies and Lily, this duo...
  • Night Before Christmas 250ml Reed Diffuser by Glasshouse Diffusers

    Limited Edition 250ml Fragrance Diffuser. Part of the Christmas Dreamscapes collection. Inspired by plum puddings, Grandma's treats and festive fruits, Night Before Christmas Triple Scented Candle combines Blackcurrant, Plum, Lemon...
  • Dark Arts Trio 350g Candle Pack By Glasshouse

    Introducing the Dark Arts Collection: Magic Spell and Spellbound - bringing the fragrance of mystery and magic to your every day, add to this the mystique of Arabian Nights and...
  • Magic Spell 350g Candle by Glasshouse

    Our seasonal best-seller Pumpkin Pie is back and more magical than ever before. Where magic meets mayhem and makes her his queen, it's a strange kind of alchemy that's never...
  • Spellbound 350g Candle by Glasshouse

    They laid the book bare on the altar below and conjured up magic from times long ago. Petals of peony, one ripe plum, a touch of leather and a beating...
  • Rendezvous 350g Candle by Glasshouse

    Rendezvous 350g Candle by Glasshouse. You’re invited to share in a scandal, an endless obsession. Experience the excitement of a secret rendezvous with the alluring blend of Orchid, Sugar Cane...
  • Rio De Janeiro Passionfruit & Lime 500ml Handwash by Glasshouse

    Think flamboyant street parades accompanied by wild music and lots of laughter. Rio de Janeiro captures the spirit of Brazil, with exotic scents of ripe Passionfruit, Lime, Raspberry and Orange,...
  • Manhattan Little Black Dress 500ml Handwash by Glasshouse

    Sassy from the moment you strike a light, with a big city flavour, I’ll take Manhattan, delicately perfumed with Orchids, Rose, Musk and Blood Orange for an irresistible air of...
  • Saigon Lemon Grass 350g Triple Scented Candle by Glasshouse

    Hustle and bustle, scents and smells, rock and roll. Saigon delivers an infectious blend of Lemongrass, Orange, Lime and Bergamot, that’s as energetic and vibrant as the city itself. This...

Glasshouse Candles are known for the fullest, richest and boldest experience – long lasting and hypnotic. Developed by the finest perfumers in the world, Glasshouse Fragrances will turn on your sense of smell, like a live current for the first time.

With wax and wicks and determination Glasshouse tested, failed, started over, and with persistence came triumph. Their double wick technology ensures an even and clean burn, so you can enjoy a purer and more potent fragrance from each and every candle.

Candles made not by a machine, but by something far more precious. With love and passion, Glasshouse candles are proudly hand-crafted right here in Australia - hand poured, hand wicked and hand polished, each one a work of art.

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