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  • Glasshouse Shower Gel 400ml Midnight In Milan

    After all the popping flashes stop, dresses unzip and heels come off. Saffron and Amber mixed with Rose comes from somewhere, and you giggle and run for what's next in...
  • Glasshouse Shower Gel 400ml Kyoto In Bloom

    CAMELLIA & LOTUS 400mL Shower Gel A scrumptious, skin-softening body wash reminiscent of a city blooming in spring. Light white florals are warmed by sensual amber and vanilla in this poetic...
  • Glasshouse Shower Gel 400ml Forever Florence

    WILD PEONIES & LILY 400mL Shower Gel A scrumptious, skin-softening body wash that calls forth the scent of a Florentine romance. You’ll pick up pink and white peonies, jasmine and...
  • Glasshouse Shower Gel 400ml Melbourne Muse

    Finally, the city where creativity gets a fragrance-fusing Vanilla, Coffee Flower and Patchouli to create a scent worthy of the place where everything is so cool, it can't help but...
  • Glasshouse Shower Gel 400ml Rendezvous

    The Fragrance floats, flicks and licks the dark night air thick with Amber, Orchid and Gardenia that draws you here and there and near to him and her. Lock eyes,...
  • Glasshouse Shower Gel 400ml Diving Into Cyprus

    DIVING INTO CYPRUS SEA SALT & SAFFRON 400mL Shower Gel This scrumptious, skin-softening body wash is as invigorating as a dip in the Med sea. Amber and peach, with aromatic...
  • Glasshouse Shower Gel 400ml Flower Symphony

    WHITE ROSE & PEAR BLOSSOM 400mL Shower Gel A scrumptious, skin-softening body wash teeming with blooms; rose, jasmine and pear blossom. Pear, musk and zesty lemon complete the crescendo.
Shower gels are are a fantastic way to fragrance your body while softening and moisturising the skin. Fog us the glass and indulge in your favourite shower gels.
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