Candles2go believe in the magic of the Christmas Candle. One of the earliest records of candles being used at Christmas is from the middle ages, where a large candle was used to represent the star of Bethlehem. In the 19th century England, people believed that whoever lights the candle that an angel touched will receive a miracle on Christmas Eve.

1. Frosty Gingerbread Jar By Yankee Candles 

Gingerbread men and gingerbread houses, a mainstay of Christmas and quite simply, something you expect from the fancy cook in the house. Or the kids after they watch their favourite YouTube channel.

Fill you home with smoky ginger, cinnamon and sweetness when you burn your Yankee Candle Frosty Gingerbread.

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2. Christmas Cookie by Yankee Candles 

Buttery rich with the strong sweet scents of vanilla, a holiday sugared delight that smells like you've been slaving over the hot oven all day to bake them fresh cookies. Little do they know, shhhh keep that a secret between the two of us.

Next time you want to impress with your baking skills, don't forget to burn a Yankee Candle Christmas Cookie.

3. Candy Cane Lane Candles from Yankee Candles

The candy man? Yes they candy man... the one who lives down Drury Lane? Maybe a bit of poetic licence here but who doesn't love the idea of Candy Cane Lane and all that sweetness. The slight hint of freshness in the peppermint and caramel vanilla just make you want to eat the whole lot! But don't. It wont end well.

A favourite holiday place where delicious dreams are made with tingly peppermint, sweet cookies and creamy vanilla icing. Who's not impressed with that.

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4. Sugar Frost Christmas Candles from Yankee Candles

The enticing aroma of fresh baked cookies, cakes, slices and muffins topped with extra creamy vanilla frosting and praline.

If this sounds like you, then you need to add to your collection a Yankee Candles Sugar Frost Christmas

5. Holiday Lights Candles from Yankee Candles

A scent as clear as a crisp winter's night, with bright dashes of jasmine and caramel praline.

6. Pomegranate Gin Fizz Candle from Yankee Candle   

Ring in the festive season with this wonderful Pomegranate Gin Fizz scent from Yankee Candle, perfect for creating a celebratory atmosphere within your home!

Featuring sweet, fresh and citrus tones, this delightful fragrance will evoke memories of Christmas parties, full of chatter and laughter as snow gently falls outside, illuminated by the wondrous colours of fairy lights that adorn the window frames. It boasts top notes of Cranberry, Sparkling Pomegranate, Fresh Lime and Festive Orange, mid notes of Juniper Berry, Rosemary and Gin and base notes of Agave Syrup and Fruity Musk.

7. Berry Trifle Candles from Yankee Candles

The mouth-watering fragrance of fresh berries, tangy and sharp, nestled on a white bed of soft vanilla cream—delicious! 

Each is made in America with premium-grade paraffin of the finest quality ingredients from around the world. And we select the perfect wick type for each specific fragrance to ensure the very best quality burn. (110-150 hours burn time

8. Candlelit Cabin from Yankee Candle

Ring in the festive season with this wonderful Candlelit Cabin scent from Yankee Candle, perfect for filling your home with a fragrance that is cosy and welcoming!Featuring warming, spicy tones, it will take you away to a dark forest, carpeted with snow that glistens in the moonlight. In the distance is a cabin, nestled between the trees with smoke billowing from its chimney and the soft glow of candle light through the windows. It boasts top notes of Rhubarb, Black Peppercorn and Apple, mid notes of Nutmeg, Magnolia and Hazelnut and base notes of Vetiver, Patchouli and Amber. With the perfect combination of scents to create an idyllic, winter ambience throughout your home.

9. Icy Blue Spruce Candles from Yankee Candles

A fresh breath of winter forest—juniper berries, blue spruce, spearmint leaves.

10.Snow Dusted Bayberry Leaf Candle from Yankee Candles 

Crisp holiday bayberry with pine needle, arctic mint and a little sweet vanilla. 

Jul 26, 2019 - The Founder of iconic brand Yankee Candle Michael Kittredge II has passed away at the age of 67.

In 1969, a teenage Michael Kittredge II melted crayons together to make his mom a homemade Christmas present and Yankee Candle’s impressive 50-year legacy beganCandles2go were saddened to hear that Michael passed away on Thursday, but confident that Yankee Candle will memorialize him for years to come.Today, the candle company that Michael started has more than 500 store locations. 

Additionally, more than 36,000 specialty stores offer Yankee Candles among their wares around the world. Its flagship store in Deerfield, Massachusetts, is a sightseeing destination for candle lovers around the world. With thousands of aromatic scents to choose from and dozens of gorgeous votives in all shapes and sizes, Yankee Candle is a pillar of the candle industry that has put candles on the map for many years to come.