Candles2go customers love the amazing selection of gifting candles available to choose from this festive season. With so many customers opting for more natural, chemical-free lifestyles we make sure our candles offer high quality ranges , offering décor and fragrances to suit every occasion in the festive season and throughout the year.

Glass House Candles introduced the Christmas Dreamscapes collection for 2019, a showcase of bold fragrance wrapped in dynamic design. Letting the mystery and magic guide you, adding jingle while you mingle, as Glasshouse Fragrances explores electric new territories truly a range that won’t disappoint. The Top 2 NEW Christmas Gifts from the Dreamscape collection is the Christmas Tahaa Candle with Spinning Carousel Gift Set and Christmas Kyoto Essentials Gift Set

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Yankee Candles introduced the Christmas Scented Candle and Fragrances Collection for 2019 – Getting Festive with Christmas fragrances to delight all.  Alpine Christmas Advent Wreath Build up to Christmas Day with this advent calendar wreath from Yankee Candle. This charming gift is perfect for any Yankee Candle fan, offering a brilliant fragranced twist on the traditional Advent Calendar! 

Tea light delight Christmas Gift set Give the gift of Yankee Candle this Christmas with this gorgeous tealight gift set, perfect for creating the ultimate festive atmosphere!The set is packaged in a red round box with a push on the lid that features an illustration of a wreath laden with berries and baubles. Inside the box is around, gold tealight holder along with eighteen tealights that are fragranced with the most festive of scents and have a burn time of 4-6 hours!

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Woodwick Candles – The WoodWick candles included in the Christmas selection allow you to enhance the beauty of your home during the holiday season as well as add a warm and pleasant aroma to your various living spaces. Keep your bathroom smelling fresh day and night or enhance the atmosphere of your den or bedroom.

Choose from among our Frasier Fir Woodwick Candle and Applewood WoodWick candles offered in three different sizes. With these WoodWick candles, Christmas scents can permeate your living spaces. They include an organic wood natural wick that produces a soothing crackling fire sound while also emitting a beautiful fragrance. The new PlusWick design of these candles allows them to burn quicker, dispense the fragrance a farther distance, and produce a clean burn out to the edges.Introducing the Woodwick Petite Gift Set Xmas and Hearthwick Winter Garland Candle.

Woodwick Petite Gift Set Xmas - Includes three candles in three fragrances: Fireside Petite, Coastal Sunset Petite, Vanilla Bean Petite – comes complete with 1 Herringbone Petite Holder, Comes with a Petite Candle Holder featuring an oil-rubbed bronze outer finish with metallic gold interior, in a snowflake design that is the perfect addition to your gathering's tables cape. Candles feature a natural wick made from organic wood with +PLUSWICK Innovation, this patented wick design CRACKLES as it BURNS and helps deliver the soothing sound of a crackling fire while providing a better burn with a faster fragrance. 

Hearthwick Winter Garland Candle - Crimson Berries— Juicy Christmas berries blended with a touch of warm spice and mistletoe essence. Frasier Fir— This fragrance truly captures the essence of fresh-cut fir on a crisp winter morning. White Teak— This fragrance truly captures the essence of fresh-cut fir on a crisp winter morning. 

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