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  • Australian Spring Trio by Glasshouse Candles

    Celebrate an Australian Summer with this amazing trio of fragrance form the country's leading fragrance house, Glasshouse Fragrances. Melbourne Muse: Finally, the city where creativity gets a fragrance-fusing Vanilla, Coffee Flower...
  • European Escape Triple Pack by Glasshouse

    A moment to relax, unwind and have a second, or more, of indulgence on your Dreamy European Escape in this triple pack of 380g Candle fragrances from Glasshouse. Marseille Memoir: A...
  • New York Rendezvous Triple Pack by Glasshouse Fragrances

    When you can't get to your favourite destination, we will take you there courtesy of Glasshouse Fragrances. Experience the freedom with this triple pack of 380g candles specifically designed to...
  • Glasshouse Candles 380g A Tahaa Affair Candle

    A transcendent everyday luxury, it creates instant ambience. Ambrosial with luscious caramel and coconut, it’ll take you to the beaches of Tahaa. Untouched and unspoiled, A Tahaa Affair is the...
  • Glasshouse Candles 380g A Tahaa Affair Candle 3 Pack

    A transcendent everyday luxury, it creates instant ambience. Ambrosial with luscious caramel and coconut, it’ll take you to the beaches of Tahaa. Untouched and unspoiled, A Tahaa Affair is the...
  • A Tahaa Affair at the Movies Triple Pack by Glasshouse

    Snuggle in with your favourite and indulge in a cheeky getaway from reality with a caramel gooey cheat night. Zero calories in this Caramel popcorn indulgence pack with two Tahaa Affair...
  • Glasshouse Candles 760G A Tahaa Affair Candle

    For the true aficionado, this is a striking scent-cessory. Ambrosial with heavenly caramel and coconut, it’ll transport you to the beaches of Tahaa. Northwest of nowhere in the turquoise belt...
  • Glasshouse Candles 380g Kyoto In Bloom Candle

    You have arrived in the full bloom of spring, on a part of Camellia, Lotus and Amber, to cherry blossoms, pink as painted oval lips, to the Zen temple of...
  • Glasshouse Candles 380g Lost In Amalfi Candle

    Awaken to the fragrance of Freesia, Lavender and Lime, enlivened and relaxed, siesta satisfied. Still with some of the sun and salt spray from before, and ready for more. Find...
  • White Lavender & Sage Mothers Day Limited Edition 350g Candle

    The fresh air of a morning walk is peppered by a warm, earthy field of aromatic Lavender and cool wafts of Sage and Geranium fresh from the garden. A warm...
  • Glasshouse Candles One Night in Rio 380g Candle

    Think flamboyant street parades accompanied by wild music and lots of laughter. Rio de Janeiro captures the spirit of Brazil, with exotic scents of ripe Passionfruit, Lime, Raspberry and Orange,...
  • Year Of The Tiger 380g Camelia and Lotus Limited Edition

    The best-selling Kyoto in Bloom fragrance gets a fierce makeover in Limited Edition packaging.Favourite scent Kyoto in Bloom gets a fierce makeover just in time for the New Year, with...
  • Glasshouse Candles 380g Montego Bay Rhythm Candle

    Welcome to Montego Bay the beaming soul of the Caribbean, where Coconut, Citrus and Vanilla embrace you as a local under the sun. Jamaican rhythms warm your heart and move...
  • Glasshouse Candles 380g Flower Symphony Candle

    Welcome to the grandest opera of all, the Symphony of Scent. Elegant dewy white roses, sweet pear blossoms and the baritone of delicate musk form this brilliant composition. Succumb to...
  • Glasshouse Candles 380g The Hamptons Candle

    Become a bon vivant at the coastal escape of New York's elite. One whiff of Teak, Iris and sensual Petitgrain and you're there - charming power players and partiers, giddy...
  • Sunsets in Capri White Peach and Sea Breeze 380g Glasshouse Candles

    Peach and Jasmine set the scene for the magical moment the sun kisses the sea. Order an aperitivo, take a seat and witness a sunset in Capri. Where dreamy pinks...

Leave it all behind with Glasshouse Fragrances triple scented soy candle collection. Gorgeous scents to light up your personal space and elevate the everyday to perfection.

The reimagined Glasshouse Fragrances candles use only the highest quality soy blend wax and all natural lead-free cotton wicks to encourage a burn that is pure and intensely fragrant.

Fragrances: There's something for everyone with 20 fragrances available across our six fragrances families - Chypre (Sophisticated & Mysterious), Floral (Romantic & Feminine), Fresh (energetic & lively), Gourmand (fun & vivacious), Oriental (complex & sensual) and Woody elegant & refined).

Burn Times: You can expect our 60g Soy Candles to last up to 20 hours*, our 380g Soy Candles to last up to 65 hours*, and our 760g Soy Candles to last up to 100 hours*.
*Please note there are many factors that can vary the expected burn time including the fragrance, the length of each continuous burn time (a longer burn that results in a deeper melted wax pool has the tendency to burn faster), and the environmental conditions, e.g draughty areas and air conditioning.

Wick Trimming: Ensure the wicks are trimmed to 7mm before each use to avoid a carbon deposit at the end of the wicks. This can cause smoke and black soot to form on the glass.

Formulation: We use a clean, cruelty free wax formula. No parabens. No silicones. No PEGs. Not tested on animals.

Reuse Glasshouse Fragrances: At the end of the candle's life the jars can be upcycled and reused. The silicone seal in the lid of our candles means you can keep foods and spices fresh, or alternatively you can forgo to lid and use the glass jar as a vase.

Care & Safety: We encourage you to follow the candle safety and candle care guide found enclosed in the candle box to get the best performance out of your Glasshouse Fragrances Triple Scented Soy Candles.

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