Who is Wavertree London you ask ... Wavertree London dates back to previous generations of the London Family Wavertree England Home. 

Wavertree is a Ward of Liverpool in the UK , combining the family name London is how the brands name came about.The tree symbol is very identifiable on every Wavertree London product, which is based from the ward of Wavertree’s symbol, the bright and cheery quality packaging  allows customers to see the quality vs value , 200g Wavertree and London soap retails at $6.95 which is great value as most supermarket soaps are only 90g -100g in size. 

Wavertree London began trading in 1994 making potpourri and fragrances for a wide range of retailers across Australia. It was later decided to diversify into manufacturing of plant-based soap bars using the French method of triple milling.It was later decided to diversify into manufacturing of plant-based soap bars using the French method of triple milling then due to the demand producing Liquid  Hand and Bodywash , Candles and diffusers to complete the ranging offer.


Benefits of Wavertree London Triple Milled Soap

Triple Milled Soap isa process that creates bar soaps that are more homogeneousthan homemade versions, so they last longer and have a higher quality feel tothem.  The finished soap feels smooth on the skin and provides a rich, luxuriouslather when mixed with water. 

Candle2go customers love the fragrance of the Basil, Lime and Mardarin 200g Soap . Sweet, peppery Basil and delicious Mandarin with a hint of fresh, clean Jamaican Lime.Wavertree & London soap bars are produced in Australia by dedicated artisan soap makers using the traditional French Triple Milling process. Enriched with pure Organic Shea Butter, these bars will leave your skin soft and moisturized.

Bar soap vs Liquid soap 

Bar Soap and Liquid soap remove oil and dirt that can cause skin problems and even infections. Some types of soap also remove natural skin oil, which protects and lubricates the skin, so you need to look at the key ingredients that will determine what results you will get. 

Disinfectant soaps will dry your skin where soaps with Shea Butter will be very moisturising to the skin.If moisturizing effects and a rich lather are on the top of your priority list, then liquid soaps are the way to go. However, from a purely health-conscious standpoint, bar soaps contain fewer chemicals and do just as good a job in preventing the spread of germs as do their liquid counterparts. 

500ml Wavertree and London Handwash is blended with sustainable plant oils, natural shea butter, the finest fragrances and extracts to create an exceptional Liquid Soap. A genuine liquid soap that is 100% biodegradable and contains no sulphates, petrochemicals, glycols or articial colouring. Our pure, natural Liquid Soap gently cleanses and soothes dry and sensitives skin. Suitable for everyday use. A truly unique experience. 

Wavertree and London Soy Candles are carefully hand poured into our unique glass containers to create an intense aromatic experience. 

Wavertree & London candles are made from all natural soy wax and feature a cotton wick. The wax is triple scented to produce a fragrance that lasts for the duration of the 60-hour burn time. 

Diffusers offer the same amazing long lasting fragrances without the flame.The fragrance/scent life of the 250ml diffuser is at least six months. The strength of the fragrance is controlled by the number of reeds you use and the frequency of turning the reeds, we recommend once per week to get the maximum usage.The highly fragranced scents make it suitable for using in larger rooms. 

The fragrance is presented in a unique Wavertree design glass bottle for easy of seeing when you are required to top up.  Please feel free to let us know what your favourite fragrance is and why .. 

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