Candles2go LOVE recycling . You can too by reusing old Candle Jars and Diffusers.....

How to Clean out the old Candle Jars: 

Chip away the excess wax with a butter knife, then pour boiling water into the jar and allow it to sit. The boiling water will melt the wax and it will start to float to the surface. Allow the water to cool completely and you will end up with a wax disc at the top of the water line. 

Pour out the water, if you jar is not tapered the wax will come out easily, if you jar is tapered you will need to break the wax disc to remove it. 

How to remove any labels on candle jars & diffusers:

Fill the sink with very hot water and one teaspoon of washing up detergent. Allow to soak for at least 10 minutes, peel off labels and use a sponge and paper towel to remove any candle soot build-up. 

Now your Glass Candle Jars or Diffusers Container is clean:

We have some ideas on how you can reuse the empty containers: 

Make a new Candle from Old Wax – take the old wax and add a new wick or you can add NEW wax to create a new candle. You can purchase wax from any craft store and just melt it down and add to the empty jar insert your wick for a brand new candle. 

Flower vase - Diffuser bottles make nice vases for single flowers or a stem of leaves, they don’t take up much space even just a small gumtree branch or a couple of flowers from the garden will brighten any room. 

Window Planter - Use a jar as a planter for succulents and cactus. It makes a good gift or looks great on a window sill as they don’t require too much water. 

Tea Light Holder – Drop a tea light into the jar to create a nice visual effect that can be used indoors or out. You can even pain the outside of any clear glass if you are feeling creative.m.

Pens and Pencils – The jars make great pen and pencil holders. Place on your desk and fill with your favourite collection of Pens and Pencils. 

Spare Change – Leave an empty jar on your dresser to collect spare change. Once a month take it to the bank you will be surprised how quickly we collect coins. 

Cocktail Glasses – Country style candles are often made from thick, beautiful glass making an excellent glass for punch or fruity cocktails. 

Tea & coffee containers – storing Tea & coffee and leaving it on the counter for a visual effect even finding a cork lid that may fit can keep your coffee & tea fresh. 

Candy Jars – Fill the jars with your favourite candies looks great at parties among the deserts. 

Toothbrush holder – Taller jars make excellent holder for your toothbrush and toothpaste.Hair 

Hair Elastics – Who has a million hair ties and can never find them? These jars make excellent containers for hair ties. 

Candles2go core customer values are: 




 We look forward to assisting you, please feel free to contact us or visit our friendly team: 

Store address: 2/18 Blaxland Road,Campbelltown, NSW. 2560  

Contact Number: 02 4602 0510 


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