Giving a Candle or any home fragrance product sometimes require some gift giving ideas. Candles are a fitting gift for many occasions, birthdays, Christmas presents, housewarming gift, anniversaries, events, Teacher end of year gift or just to show someone that you care about them. However sometimes the choice of just selecting one or not knowing what the perfect gift would be is a harder task than expected. Here is some inspiration of how you can personalize your present or gift and some ideas of gifting options so when the next occasion comes around you know exactly what to get.

Our Packing
To make a present or gift more personalized you can always add a note to the order. At the bottom of the shopping cart page place a small note in the “Order note” section.
Some examples:
“Happy Birthday to my amazing Mother, Love you xxx”
“Congratulations to the promotion darling, you are amazing!”
“Thank you for looking after the dog when we were away, much appreciated here is a small gift for the trouble!”
“Happy Anniversary Babe, love you to the moon and back”
“Congratulations to your engagement! Just a small gift to shine light on your bright future ahead from ….”
Our team will personally handwrite the note and place it with your order.

When mentioning an order is a gift, we do our best to make the items look beautiful and wrap the items that we can in sleek black tissue paper.
We do not include invoices with any of the orders.

Gift Sets
Candles and other home fragrances as presents can sometimes be tricky to pick. Our team’s number 1 tip is to check out the Gift Sets and Gift packs options.

If you know the recipient’s favourite brand or fragrance but not their preference of candle, diffuser or skin care products there are several options of gift packs including several options of mini candles with mini diffusers, diffuser and skincare or candle and skincare.

Ecoya Mini Candle and Diffuser Gift Set includes a Mini Madison and mini-Diffuser fragranced with the bestselling fragrance Lotus Flower or Sweet Pea & Jasmine. Comes in a blush-grey carton with metallic rose inner a thoughtful gesture for those more mini occasions.

Guava and Lychee Sorbet Essential Gift Set by Ecoya features luxurious Hand & Body Wash and Hand & Body Lotion and a Mini Diffuser in premium metallic rose carton wrapped in a blush-grey sleeve a luxurious and practical gift.

Urban Rituelle Equilibrium Luxe Gift Set Mandarin, Basil and Lime including Scented Soy 400g Candle, Hand & Body Wash and Hand & Body Lotion a luxurious skin and wellbeing giftpack with products carefully formulated to appeal to both men and women.

Don’t know their preference?
In the event you do not now the recipient’s preference at all, for example a teacher’s end of year gift. There are Gift packs with different fragrance options. It’s a great way to get someone to try a new product or fragrance! Gift packs like Palm Beach Mini 3 Candle or Diffuser Gift Set includes 3 different fragrances: Coconut and Lime, Watermelon and Vintage Gardenia.

Peppermint Grove Floral Medley Small Diffuser Trio Gift Sets include their best seller fragrances Patchouli & Bergamot, Freesia and Berries and Gardenia.

Gift cards
If you want to give a thoughtful gift but don’t want the pressure of getting the wrong fragrance or product. Purchasing an online gift card starting at $50.00 is a wonderful present. That way the recipient can select their personal favourites directly on the website and have their order delivered to their preferred address or collect the order in our Sydney store.

Our Team’s TOP Gift Ideas
Cote Noire Perfume Flowers are gorgeous life like flowers with a range of different styles, colors and sizes. Luxury bouquets are a grand gift for anniversaries, engagement or wedding gifts. Mid-size floral arrangements make a wonderful gift for birthday’s, Mother’s Day present or Housewarming gifts. Single and Bud Roses/Flowers are lovely little gifts to add some luxury to smaller occasions or Christmas stocking fillers.

Matching Candle and Diffuser most brands have matching diffusers and candles with their cohesive packaging makes for a wonderful gift. With brands ranging from more affordable prices such as Tilley to luxurious Glasshouse and Apsley with candles and diffusers to suit any occasion grand or small.

Fragrance Lamps
An original and quite rare gift that not many have seen or know about for home fragrance lovers is the Fragrance Lamp. Ashleigh and Burwood Catalytic Lamps are beautifully hand crafted and comes in many shapes, colors and a small or large size. These lamps are not only stunning to look at but also a method of purifying the air while perfuming it. While air fresheners and room spray’s usually only masks odors the Catalytic Lamps actively purify, cleanse and perfume the air in a wide area. With lots of different fragrances of Lamp oils to choose from available on our website. The Fragrance Lamp and lamp oil makes a stunning unexpected present.

Unexpected Gift Packs
Unexpected giftsets or giftpacks Circa and Glasshouse offers a liquid less diffuser with pre fragranced reeds sold in a duo pack. Each individual Scent Stem is infused with fragrance, and you have the option of mixing and matching to create your own personalized blend. Flameless and cordless is an innovative solution for busy households and they come in beautiful packaging and a timeless ceramic vessel or a brass metal vessel. The stems can be placed in the recycling with other paper products once you want to refresh/change your fragrance or increase the strength.  

Perfectly practical gifts for the house proud people, presented in a beautiful gift set is Ecoya’s Kitchen Gift Set. Chic dish liquid, surface spray and cotton dish cloth combo sits beautifully on the kitchen bench advancing the regular cleaning products above the sink.

Another essential gift set that will be a highly appreciated gift is the Ecoya Laundry Dryer Ball Set. Fragranced Dryer Balls made from 100% New Zealand wool will subtly fragrance the linen whilst bouncing in the dryer, preventing bunching, creating airflow and absorbing moisture of the laundry, hence reducing drying time. The fragranced Dryer Balls come with a 50 ml Fragrance dropper in Sage and Citrus fragrance or Lavender and Chamomile. Making the necessity shore a luxury experience.

Woodwick Triology
One of our Team’s favourite candles to gift is the Woodwick Trioligy Candles in Medium, Large or hearthwick size. The Triology range has 3 different fragrances layered individually and therefor you don’t have to commit to just 1 fragrance. As the candle is burning through the layers the fragrance changes. It’s a present that the recipient will be able to enjoy the premium fragrance but also experience the soothing sound of crackling fire as the wooden wick burns.