Reed diffusersare a great way to fragrance your home or any indoor environment. Candles2go have a wide range of  brands offering amazing colours and sizes to suit all decors, the reed diffusers are a simple, elegant and effective way to infuse fragrance into any space or room without the need for an open flame. 

Fragrance that the Reed diffusers delivers is from the distinct yet simple wicking system of reeds.  Diffuser oil seeps up through the length of the reed diffuser sticks, allowing scent to fill the room. The reed diffuser uses essential oils or fragrance oils mixed with a special non-toxic dispersing base, allowing the reed diffuser to not just add scent to a room but to allow the therapeutic properties or essential oils to fill the room as well. 

What does a Reed Diffuser consists of: 

Vessel - Generally made of glass for its aesthetic appeal. This holds the diffuser fragrance and reed diffuser sticks inside. 

Diffuser fragrance - This is a special blend of fragrance oils and/or essential oils blended with diffuser base fluid designed to disperse fragrance through a room.

Diffuser base fluid - This is the liquid that you use to blend with your fragrance and soak into the reeds.

Advantages of using a Diffuser

Ease of use - minimal maintenance and care have made reed diffuser's a hugely popular product in room fragrance.

Reed diffuser sticks - Reed diffuser sticks allow the fragrance's aroma to be drawn up through the sticks via tiny holes and dispersed through the room. 

No Flame or Heat - unlike candles, the reed diffuser has no flame. This makes the reed diffuser a safer alternative to candles.

No Going Out - with incense or candles the aroma is temporary, relying on active lighting. The reed diffuser lasts all day and night. The only monitoring a reed diffuser needs is a weekly turning of the reeds.o No Smoke - incense is nice but the smoke is not so wonderful. The reed diffuser achieves the same purpose but without any smoke.

No Wax or Mess - incense has ashes, candles have wax; the reed diffuser has neither.o No Aerosols - unlike sprayed scents, the reed diffusers do not have any added chemicals. 

 No Electric Power - you can place a reed diffuser anywhere without having to rely on an outlet or change batteries.

No Heat - heated fragrances like plugins may actually damage the fragrance or essential oils while the reed diffuser protects the integrity of the oils. 

Diffuser General Information:

Diffuser Reeds - Diffuser reeds or sticks look very similar to bamboo except the best performing diffuser reeds are made from rattan, a natural plant material. They contain many tiny channels or holes that travel the full length. The most popular size for rattan reeds or diffuser reeds is 30cm. However, you can cut them down smaller if using a very short glass as your diffuser container.  Each rattan stick contains about 20 individual channels inside. These run the entire length of the reed and draw or suck up the fragrance to help disperse it. Always purchase these types of quality rattan reeds and not solid rattan or bamboo reeds. They will not perform as well. As a general rule, 10 diffuser reeds will give a nice scent throw and the more reeds used, the stronger the scent throw.

Diffuser Glass - Most people use glass containers with their diffuser oils. This is because some other substances such as plastics or metal may react with the fragrance oils. Plus, it looks quite elegant when filled with diffuser oil and diffuser reeds.

Diffuser Oils - When purchasing diffuser fragrance oils be sure to look for high-quality oils. This will ensure long life and a pleasant smell. Avoid cheap oils that smell very chemically as these may also be harmful to smell. As a general rule, about 40mls of diffuser oil should last about a month. This does depend on several factors such as temperature, air-conditioning & airflow.

If you would like to find out further information about our extensive range of Reed diffusers , please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly Candles2go team on (02) 4602 0510.