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  • T2 Five Dessert Club

    Sweet treat teas all bundled into the most scrumptious dessert pack of all time! The sweetest occasions are covered with teas inspired by ripe fruits drizzled in cream, baked choccy...
  • Green Rose Loose Leaf Foil 250g by T2 Tea

    Vibrant green tea blended with rose petals and tropical fruits for a bold taste sensation. Great as an afternoon tea and blooming beautiful iced in summer.Enjoy with: Perfect on its...
  • Melbourne Breakfast Loose Leaf Everyday Refill 250g by T2 Tea

    When the winds start howling, this brew will see you through. Indulge a little with this full-bodied vanilla sweet tea – bound to keep you cosy all year 'round. Sip...
  • Christmas Breakfast 120g Loose Leaf Feature Tin by T2 Tea

    Net Wt. 120g/4.2oz Tis’ the season to embrace this delightfully classic gingerbread brew. Filled with familiar festive flavours, this merry drop is a starry-eyed constellation of robust, sweet and velvety...
  • T2 Five Hall of Fame

    Say hello to five must-have T2 staples! Featuring a handful of the brews that have become firm faves on tea tables around the world, there’s a T2 classic to tackle...
  • French Earl Grey Loose Leaf Everyday Refill 60pk by T2 Tea

    Earl Grey gets a French twist which is oh-so-fruity. A medium-bodied black tea base with pretty petals and notes of fruit that play with classic bergamot in an inspiring, bold...
  • Spiced Mince Pie 120g Loose Leaf Feature Tin by T2 Tea

    Net Wt. 120g / 4.2oz Fill up on buttery pastry flavours, fragrant Christmas spice and a sticky raisin finish. Each sip’s a mouthful of deliciously festive flavours inspired by an...
  • T2 Green 5 Pack Loose Leaf Set by T2 Tea

    T2 Green Loose Leaf Set by T2 Tea. Net Wt. 140g / 4.9ozLove the green stuff? We’ve got five of our best, right here! Slurp your way through the best...
  • China Jasmine Loose Leaf Foil 250g by T2 Tea

    A blend of green tea and jasmine produces a light yellow infusion with a delicate jasmine scent. A very popular jasmine green tea, great for everyday drinking or as an...
  • T2 Five Remedy Ready

    Sore tummy? Or feeling flat? Big night last night? Whatever’s got you down, keep this remedy kit of healing herbal tisanes on hand and sip whenever you need something to...
  • Chai Loose Leaf Everyday Refill 250g by T2 Tea

    Complex, spicy and incredibly tasty, our signature chai blend is a unique classic. Perfect to wrap your hands around on a chilly afternoon. Traditionally brewed with milk and honey. Black...
  • The Quiet Mind Loose Leaf Feature Cube

    Description Quiet your mind.Drift away to your happy place even when everyone around you is on edge. Breathe in the soothing aroma of peppermint, lemongrass and eucalyptus while adaptogenic herbs...
  • Pumping Pomegranate 250g Tea Tin by T2 Tea

    The essence of the Grand Bazaar, Istanbul. A sweet, tangy and mystical flavour, this tea will take you on a flavour journey with its many surprises. Enjoy with: Perfect on...
  • Turkish Apple Loose Leaf 500g Foil by T2 Tea

    An all-time sweet and refreshing Turkish classic. Serve it chilled in summer for an icy sweet treat! Enjoy with: Perfect on its own. Store in a cool, dry place. Sugar,...
  • New York Breakfast Loose Leaf Everyday Refill 250g Foil by T2 Tea

    A full-bodied black tea boasting the taste of hot pancakes, inspired by a perfect New York moment. Warm up the morning or sweeten your afternoon and be whisked away to...
  • Just Peppermint Loose Leaf Everyday Refill 120g Foil by T2 Tea

    Settle your belly. Lush peppermint leaves create a bright infusion, hot or cold. A well-rounded flavour captures the sweet essence of all things minty with a cool lingering aroma to...
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