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  • Kitchen Alchemy white tea and Wild Mint 250ml by glasshouse Diffuser

    White Tea & Wild Mint Fragrance Diffuser 250ml Cook like a rock star in culinary bliss, with Circa Home's Kitchen Alchemy™ White Tea & Wild Mint Fragrance Diffuser  Specially formulated...
  • Oceanique 1979 250ml Diffuser by Circa Home

    Swaying gently in a hammock on the verandah, rustled by a light ocean breeze. Let yourself drift to 1979, when the world was changing, yet everything seemed the same, and...
  • Coconut & Watermelon 250ml Diffuser by Circa Home

    This Coconut & Watermelon 250ml Fragrance Diffuser is in limited edition 'Thank You' packaging. Thank you. When these two simple words don't seem quite enough share the gift of a...
  • Fresh Linen 1980 Diffuser 250ml by Circa Home

    Tumbling into clean sheets, crisp from the line, still kissed by the warmth of the sun. It’s 1980, with a scent as inviting as fresh linen infused with the summer...
  • Grapefruit & Juniper Diffuser 250ml by Circa Home 2016

    There's something simply wonderful about a bright and breezy Australian summer shared with family and friends. Go back to 1973, when relaxed informality slid right on in with a refreshing...
  • Jasmine & Magnolia 1961 250ml Diffuser by Circa Home

    A gentle breeze on a summer’s evening, white linen and a floral corsage. Let your senses be carried away to 1961, a time of innocent promises and romantic encounters, with...
  • Blood Orange 1959 250ml Diffuser by Circa Home

    Fill your home with the promise of an enduring summer. Imagine 1959, a family beach holiday with spontaneous all-in cricket matches, sandy toes, and the tang of a pine lime...
  • Neroli & Vanilla 1981 250ml Diffuser by Circa Home

    The year a royal wedding stopped the world. Go back to 1981, a time of fleeting innocence when it was romance all the way, and pay tribute with this perfect...
  • Mango & Papaya 1998 250ml Diffuser by Circa Home

    Sipping on a mango daiquiri at sunset, savouring the last rays of sunshine. Step back to 1998, a time of elegant simplicity, with this cocktail of Mango, Orange and Passionfruit...
  • Narcissus & Patchouli 1969 250ml Diffuser by Circa Home

    A generation awash in peace and love. Go back to 1969, and celebrate a giant leap for mankind, as you feel the freedom and euphoria of this sultry blend of...
  • Pear & Lime 1977 250ml Diffuser by Circa Home

    Disco dancing under strobe lights. Go all the way back to 1977, an iconic era of fashion and style, and be hypnotised by this invigorating blend of zesty Mexican Lime,...
  • Honeyflower & Sandalwood 2016 250ml Diffuser by Circa Home

    As warm and inviting as a hug from mum, 2016 reminds us of everything we’re grateful for. Cherish those you love by enriching the senses with a creamy blend of...
  • Vanilla Bean & Allspice 1965 250ml Diffuser by Circa Home

    Huddling in the kitchen anticipating freshly baked cookies. Go back to 1965, when life was much more simple, with this comforting blend of Vanilla, Sandalwood and Patchouli touched by a...
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