With the world changing ever so fast we look at ways to be more efficient Most users of Parcel Lockers are honest. However it’s no secret that parcel locker crime is increasing due to lockers that only require a pin number. 

The private nature of parcel lockers means it can sometimes present criminals with the perfect cover for getting up to no good.The most frequent recorded crimes involving parcel lockers are to do with people storing illegal items to distribute. 

Things like drugs, money that can’t transfer via the bank, stolen items like cigarettes, counterfeit software are just a few items found. This gives you an idea of the type of things which criminals typically leave in self-storage lockers with cheaper taxed or trademarked goods that they can sell on the black market..

Most lockers companies don’t have a registry that tracks whois using the lockers, which is allowing the Crimes to continue.  

In Australia over 100,000 people fall victimto identify fraud. Police are trying to provide infrastructure and resources,in an effort to combat identity theft, with mail and parcel theft being one ofthe simplest ways that individuals are targeted by organised crime the lockersprovide a safer way to receive mail and parcels.

Candles2go have experience parcel locker fraud in the past ,this is due to payments being made via a credit card , potentially stolen cardstherefore no way of verifying the customer’s details.

We have now implemented ways to combat parcel locker crime,we don’t accept credit card payments for parcel locker deliveries and will onlyaccept payment by via pay pal has eliminated most of the issue around fraud..

Parcel Lockers however do provide our customer with somegreat security benefits that we like to think supports our online products.

Security benefits of online lockers:

·        Self-Storage Lockers can offer support ourcustomers by offering:

·        Online Shopping delivery

·        24/7 secure delivery availability

·        Approved by all major carriers and deliveryservices

·        Secure 24/7 parcel collection

·        Built in security cameras

·        Eliminate mail based identify fraud

      Candles2go core customer values:

 • Australia’s largest range 

 • 97% orders ship within 24 hours 

 • FREE shipping orders over $50  

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